EGEVASAThe Empresa General Valenciana del Agua, S.A., manages up to 260 stations in the Valencian Community which implies managing over 163 million cubic meters of wastewater per year, almost a 35% from the 503 million cubic meters produced in the Community.

The company has been working for more than two decades in the field of wastewater treatment, acquiring an extensive experience in the biological and physical/chemical processes in WWTP. EGEVASA hires technical scientific staff dedicated to developing R&D projects to invest, propose and implement innovative solutions to the main problems encountered in the operation of the WWTP. So, EGEVASA has managed to be the first company in the Valencian Community certified according to the national norm of Management System R&D&i, UNE 166002 (indicating that innovation has grown from an option to a necessity inside the business action plan), besides of being certified by the ISO 9.001, the ISO 14.001 and the OHSAS 18.001.

As an example, in the last annuity EGEVASA has developed more than twelve research lines related to sludge microbiological studies, sludge conditioning studies, anaerobic sludge digesters, alternative nitrogen depletions in water or valorization of sludge in agriculture.

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