Expected results
resultados esperados

The main expected result of the Ecodigestion project is an automated dosing control of waste in anaerobic digesters, which will allow the production of a greater amount of renewable energy and a better use of waste ensuring at the same time the stability of the digestion stage. Some of the advantages that this system involves are:

  1. Increment of biogas production by up to 20% by dosing the most favorable residues and mixtures.

  2. Increment of the methane content in the biogas, allowing greater generation of energy for the same amount of biogas.

  3. Increment of waste co-digestion capacity.

  4. Reduction of Cl3Fe used to prevent the generation of H2S gas in the digesters.

  5. Greater stabilization and lower metal content of digested sludge (less Cl3Fe) favoring the reuse of sludge as an agricultural fertilizer.

  6. Increment of the plants energy sufficiency capacity.

  7. High applicability of the system in other WWTP in a relatively straightforward manner