MARE 01MARE, S.A. (Environment, Water, Waste and Energy) is a Cantabrian Government owned company dependent of the “Consejería de Medioambiente y Ordenación del Territorio”. Its aim is the management of wastewater infrastructures and urban waste treatment.

It manages 67 wastewater treatment plants and a network of sewage pipelines for a total of 400 Km in length complete with overflow spillways and pumps stations. Its compromise is a management respectful with the environment and searching technical efficiency.

One of its mains objectives is improving sludge management focused on: reduce final waste, energy recovery, final waste stabilization in order to reusing final product and reducing operating cost.

MARE is working in different projects, outstanding the use of O3 to reduce the volume of excess sludge in origin and the characterization of co-substrates for their use in anaerobic digestion facilities.

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